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When are We Allowed to Watch Porn Together?

John, an account from 2003:  “Myself and three friends were gawking at a screen, layered with the image-search results of “boobs”, “penis”, “pussy”, “sex”, and “hardcore XXX porn”.  Our friend’s younger brother stood at the door as a lookout. His head bounced between the stairs a few meters away and the screen of my friend’s family computer. We consumed so much porn in 15 minutes. We also managed to integrate enough porn plug-ins, viruses, and videos into the operating system to render it unusable without seeing layers of genitalia on startup.” My rare memories of viewing porn with someone always ended tragically. Pornographic media is abundant yet our experiences of it in public are dealt with motherly scoldings and reinforced taboos. Porn remains a private form of media. No, porn remains an activity that no one ever does, most of the time. Without a doubt, it will remain that way for some time, with or without regulation bodies prohibiting videos that show people having sex online (Lawstuff NSW, 2015). Yes,  you read that right, online porn is not …

Not Monopoly, Again!

The board game design is not finalised yet, but we made progress with the game mechanics. I’m pushing for a quick 30 min game that does not depend upon money but is all about the debt you collect. It’s my antithesis of monopoly. After the lecture on Mods and Machinima, my first thought was: how do you mod a board game? You can’t install a pre-constructed object and implement it into the game data structure. You would have to do it yourself – even learn new rules. The thing is, I learnt it’s not that complicated. You just have to convince yourself and others, that Monopoly could be good – if we got rid of the houses and we all got super powers. “Board game mash up: Cluedo + Scrabble” Hide & Seek Productions have developed a multi-platform guide that puts different board games together to revitalise the play. Boards games can become boring, predictable and long – especially if its some the most common family board games: Cluedo, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit. Hide & Seeks book ‘The Boardgame Remix Kit’ …

Digital Light Transformations

Before I created my video, I watched a series of videos that used digital lights to transform performances, bodies, and spaces. I was fascinated with how digital light could alter our form, and it reminded me of Leslie’s description of technology storming the human body, “subjecting the human sensorium to a complex training, and provoking a ‘crisis in perception’” (1998). This ‘crisis in perception’ is caused by digital light altering a form and space, a digital transformation that also occurs when we watch videos on devices. So my final video is a choreographed performance that recreates the process of watching a video, including the devices constraints, the lights, its portability, and the play button. Clips used in the video: Amazing Tron Dance performed by Wrecking Orchestra Fighting Gravity Make An L.E.D Illusion Mirror! by Mist8k Music: ‘sugar plum dumpling’ by idaydream   Leslie, E 1998, ‘Walter Benjamin: Traces of Craft’, Journal of Design History, 11:1, p 5-13.