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A Transition from the Old Aesthetic

Ted begins with the quote “Thought, nothing but thought.” This is an Old Aesthetic metaphor  describing a network as a brain sending thoughts. Romantic metaphors like thought  and memory guided our understanding of network capabilities. I agree with Sterling (on Wired) that this language oppressed the shift in perception like “metal chains”. Sterling suggests that “modern creatives … will have to disengage from the older generation’s mythos”.  Instead, creatives should use the New Aesthetic design.  James Bridle says the New Aesthetic “points towards new ways of seeing the world”. It engages the internet with the physical world. Like “an echo of the society, technology, politics and people that co-produce them.” THE FEATURED IMAGE IS A COLLECTION OF NAIVE THOUGHTS I WROTE DOWN WHILE READING THE READINGS.

Can I Make A Board Game?

I‘M A MAKER – I created a draft game-board based on a team member’s rough sketch. She wanted to adapt the game Grow Home into a board game, so she sketched out Snakes and Ladders with robots. Four players control their robot up a floating mountain (or through a cave system), to reach the home flower at the top of the board, before the other players do. Each robot carries a crystal that can be used to advantage themselves or disadvantage others, based on a card system. My draft is rudimentary, but I’m comfortable with it not looking good. I know it would be harmful to be a perfectionist during pre-development. Idea Time: How I would further develop the Grow Home board game concept: Each player has their own coloured die (red, blue, green, and yellow), and they’re rolled together into a bowl. All players move, determined by their coloured die, at the same time, than collect a card. All players play a card (or chose not to) on the table to cause an action; either to yourself, or to …

The Medium is (Clarity) the Message (is Clarence)

I‘ll clarify the image above with emphasis: This meme isn’t the message (i.e. the text in the image). But the meme is the message (i.e. memes). I’m using the Sudden Clarity Clarence text, a meme for sharing a perspective of the world between a small internet population, to exemplify McLuhan’s concept “The Medium is the Message (1964).” A meme is both the creation of an individual, and the creation of a collective — no one is identified as the creator of a meme, but collectively they are agents in its spread and acceptance. When users ‘like’ a meme, they are sharing and shifting the flow of content online, reinforcing the purpose of the meme as convergent media. “Convergence doesn’t just involve commercially produced materials and services travelling along well-regulated and predictable circuits … It also occurs when people take media in their own hands” (Jenkins 2006). Like all memes, the Clarity meme is constructed with identifiable features: the juxtaposition of the text; the ease to create on Imgur; the ease to distribute and ‘like’ it; and the ability to quickly understand the …