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University Preparation and the Performance of Labour

I’ve been considering the labour I commit to at University parallels the perils of Liquid Labour. The subject requires the interactivity with a live feed of content being generated constantly. I pay for the opportunity to work and engage with an institutional workforce, but it hums incessantly with the internet. How much I engage with the content outside of class will benefit me with higher marks, and there is much to engage with. There is an incentivised value in learning. How different is this to the work we commit to outside the employee work hours? Those hours are investments into your workplace, like an education. There are no longer incentives of higher pay to do more. You are taught at University, that to achieve and be promoted you have to go beyond what is expected.  You had to perform. But now you have to prove that behind the scenes you are rehearsing, over, and over. Prove that your performance is true to everyone on every communication platform. I understand Liquid Labour as an act of preparation.

The Assessment | Board Game Design

The process of developing a board game is challenging my idea of what I think is fun, how do I make something fun, and AM I STILL FUN?  This introspective examination of my relationship with the concept of play is uncomfortable to do as an adult, because I believe the fundamentals have been established as a child. Furthermore, when other people contribute to the development of the game, I have to rethink why I initially thought my idea was “fun”. So, in week 3 I avoided this self-examination and spent the seminar focussed solely on detailing my idea for a competitive last-[person]-standing game, in the vein of Battle Royale or the Hunger Games. Where players are competing for a HD by cheating and sabotaging other players. But since Week 3, I have self-reflected on my process and challenged why I believe my game was fun. And it wasn’t fun, yet. My game idea is focused on cooperative play, and introduces the possibility for many people to win, while still having an overall winner. These changes were made in …