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’12 Rules For Life’ is a Modern Bible for the Ancient Male

In short, Jordan Peterson’s best-selling book of 2018 felt thin and idealistic. 12 Rules For Life presents 12 broad “rules” that may provide you with a purpose in life if your male and conservative leaning.


The Adventurers: a board game review

The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac is designed to prevent you from winning – that doesn’t sound like a fun board game. In order to win, five detailed player miniatures must travel between two slow moving walls, across 10 unstable glyph tiles arranged over a lava pit, over an unstable bridge or over a waterfall, and reach the exit before a large plastic boulder blocks the corridor, ending the game even if your alive. It’s a hard game, even for experienced board game reviewer, Tom Vasel, “I have still not survived [a game].” But comments like this are said with enthusiasm for the game. The reward of playing The Adventurers isn’t from collecting treasure around the board tiles, it’s from beating the mechanisms designed to kill you. “I have still not survived [a game].” I’ve survived once, and admittedly winning felt better. I learnt quickly what I shouldn’t do, to survive; like don’t jump on the bridge (it will break) or don’t stay in the wall room too long (it will eventually crush you). This is the first issue of The Adventurers: the …