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Not Monopoly, Again!

The board game design is not finalised yet, but we made progress with the game mechanics. I’m pushing for a quick 30 min game that does not depend upon money but is all about the debt you collect. It’s my antithesis of monopoly. After the lecture on Mods and Machinima, my first thought was: how do you mod a board game? You can’t install a pre-constructed object and implement it into the game data structure. You would have to do it yourself – even learn new rules. The thing is, I learnt it’s not that complicated. You just have to convince yourself and others, that Monopoly could be good – if we got rid of the houses and we all got super powers. “Board game mash up: Cluedo + Scrabble” Hide & Seek Productions have developed a multi-platform guide that puts different board games together to revitalise the play. Boards games can become boring, predictable and long – especially if its some the most common family board games: Cluedo, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit. Hide & Seeks book ‘The Boardgame Remix Kit’ …

Remixing Nintendo

The Lets Play video is a 20 minutes – 1 hour long video commentary on a game being played by the narrator. While still considered a legal grey area, Let’s Play videos are categorised as fair use as the creator is ‘remixing’ the game by sharing his experience with the content. However, that doesn’t prevent players from facing threats of legal action from Nintendo. Even if their videos provide free game promotion, “the gaming industry isn’t thrilled about Let’s Players siphoning ad dollars from its intellectual property.” (Zoia 2014)