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22|02: Mino


iIn Miss Fallow’s grade 5 class, the tallest boy stood up and flashed his sharp teeth. He wore striped socks over the horns growing beside his temples, and his undersized winter garments couldn’t hide the unsightly thick hair sticking out of his waist and ankles.

“Mino, sit down.”

“I politely decline.”

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Learning to write my counter thoughts.


  1. Yo man, this is MT or MonkeyTacoz. I was lurking cause I’m 15 now and I forgot all about this place but this blog is pretty interesting and creative man! Keep up the good work & thanks for all the memories man!

    • Thanks MT. Glad you still check out my stuff. I’m writing again, are you? We should collaborate on something.

      • Oh yeah sure dude! I like to do a little bit of everything so yeah man you got my e-mail so hit me up any time!

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