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The Vulnerability of The iKettle and The Internet of Things

Why would your kettle need to be connected to the internet? I’d like to imagine that’s what they said when phones gained the connectivity. But, it’s not the same thing. It’s a fucking kettle. The iKettle (now somehow 2.0), by Smarter Apps, is a product that can be turned on wirelessly with a phone. Sometimes that boil button, the one button that you have to push is too hard to push. We may use remotes for everything in place of pressing a button. However, I still think the kettle-user is skipping to Step 2 in this important two-step process. This top comment on Silverman’s Telegraph post (2013) highlights it’s importance: “Oh but you still have to fill it yourself, thus making this even more pointless. People will overfill so they have to make fewer trips to the tap, so it will take longer to boil the kettle and will use up extra electricity. This invention could cause the end of the world as we know it.”O’Connor in response to “Wifi kettle allows you to boil water …

Twitter Cyber Warfare

I think people have an issue with hackers because they view it as if the morality of it is black and white. That someones intentions are either good or bad. Hacking is often an expression of freedom, and this is challenged through a one sided duel. But can a twitter bot be used as a form of cyber warfare?

Buzzfeed’s Success

Buzzfeed news is an aggregate model, collecting sources of information into consumable lists. It’s possible to conclude that Buzzfeed is an adaption of the ‘bridges made of pebbles’ phenomenon. News has adapted into an aggregate where the greater the compliant sources the more validation  of a story – also referred to as collective intelligence.

I Want an Alternative OS

Even when you begin to deconstruct the values in switching to a different OS the conversation becomes stereotypical. iOS vs Android; evil vs good. The most widely used mobile operating systems define the polarisation of software technology. Each representing the values of closed systems and open systems. But I’ve been recently looking for an alternative. CyanogenMod is an open-source operating system for smartphones and tablets, based on Android. It is developed as free and open source software based on the official releases of Android by Google.

Intellectual Property is an Unnecessary Evil

The legal system’s application of patents has blocked development in industries. While it may stabilise an industry it can quickly cause stagnation. It’s evident that after a patent expires an industry quickly innovates and grows rapidly. In this case, this parallels the fear that Brad Frost warns in his speech: Give It Away, Give It Away, Give it away Now. Creating for yourself will benefit  you. Royalties will support you. But the real value in creation is creating something for everyone, so that everyone will benefit. A greater value for humanity. “its not what you do, its what you enable other people to do”. His field, web development, reflects the ideal industry void of legal patents. Code and therefore ideas are shared freely, inciting new ideas and bolstering existing ones.