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A1 BLUE: Remoscope


I became fixated on the notebook I was writing in while exploring Lyon’s poem Where I’m from. A Notebook (or journal) has highlighted critical points of reflection in my life so I used the notebook as a connection through the piece – while highlighting the colour blue as an inspiration from Yasujirô Ozu’s obsession with red. All of the shots were framed within my car – constrained to the Lumiere rules – to disconnect the interior (and the subject) from the exterior (and the subject’s memories). I alternated between stillness and movement, juxtaposing the two in increasing frequency of cuts, to evoke a sense of remembering and haunting. I also paired extreme emotion with silence, as Zhou points out in his video essay on ‘The Art of Silence’, to create a “numbing effect”. Both of these techniques produce a tension between the subject and the audience. There is a sense of linearity but it’s still remains unclear how it’s temporally structured.


an aside:

After completing the project I took away a literal interpretation of the narrative: 
it symbolised the frustration of parking at University. Enough said.


2007, Remoscope, ‘The Lumiere Rules’
Lyon, G E, Where I’m From
Zhou, T, 2014 ‘Martin Scorsese – The Art of Silence’, Every Frame a Painting


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