Year: 2017


I wanted to capture trauma, something intense enough in a one minute film to be consumed again and again. I represent this through flashes of memory and discovery. I was inspired by black and white suspense films like Hitchcock. The approach of the eye was designed to draw you in, make you feel voyeuristic. The loop structure was carried across from my first piece, but Nolan’s Mementos film was a major influence on the structure, colour design, and time deconstruction. Thematically I was inspired by Del Toro’s Pans Labyrinth. The fairytale-like structure, with hints of magic realism, it conveys how I perceive the world and how i feel about the topic of where I’m from. The piece moves with the music, the subject, and the camera movement. I captured calmness with a back drop of dread, movements pulled from Fincher’s Gone Girl, my Audio from assessment 2 was repurposed.     Advertisements

A1 BLUE: Remoscope

  I became fixated on the notebook I was writing in while exploring Lyon’s poem Where I’m from. A Notebook (or journal) has highlighted critical points of reflection in my life so I used the notebook as a connection through the piece – while highlighting the colour blue as an inspiration from Yasujirô Ozu’s obsession with red. All of the shots were framed within my car – constrained to the Lumiere rules – to disconnect the interior (and the subject) from the exterior (and the subject’s memories). I alternated between stillness and movement, juxtaposing the two in increasing frequency of cuts, to evoke a sense of remembering and haunting. I also paired extreme emotion with silence, as Zhou points out in his video essay on ‘The Art of Silence’, to create a “numbing effect”. Both of these techniques produce a tension between the subject and the audience. There is a sense of linearity but it’s still remains unclear how it’s temporally structured.   an aside: After completing the project I took away a literal interpretation …