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Creativelive: Free for a Limited Time Only

What’s better than free? To deconstruct the concept, I’ve focussed on online video tutorials and showcased Creativelive’s tactic of making it better than free. The advent of mass-amatuerisation has made it possible for anyone to learn anything for free. Youtube has become a repository for video demonstrations and how-to guides on any topic. In this case, Youtube symbolises the Long tail effect; an aggregation of niche videos that forms 80% of the available content.

In contrast, Creativelive offers specialised workshops on a weekly schedule for free over a limited time. These are live streamed classes conducted over a 4 hour period by a creative expert. Kevin Kelly, in his article on Value Generatives, would describe this as an Authenticity model; something that a Youtube video might not present. The issue with scheduled classes is the time difference between Australia and the US – waking up at 2:00am is only sometimes worth it. Creativelive will repeat the same broadcast on repeat for the next few days, so you can access it at a better time.

Creativelive offers a free product for a limited time and then after that period classes cost on average $50. Additional materials are only accessible with the payment. You can buy full access to the class at any stage: an Immediacy value generative. This model reminds me of all the games I used to play on “Demo” mode, and after 3 levels the screen would blank and ask for money. It never worked on me because those 3 levels always had replayability. My relationship with Creativelive is buying Alex Blumberg’s class “Power Your Podcast with Storytelling”. I honour the man for his control podcasting so purchasing the class was an act of Patronage.


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  1. The example you provided about Creative live is indeed an embodiment of immediacy value. When thinking about immediacy value i instantly think of Television programs being released in The United States before they are released in Australia. The content loses its monetary value once it becomes available in Australia but while the Content is only Available In The United States there is value in being able to immediately access the Television content.

    This article explains the conditions of immediacy as both a liability and an asset on The Internet and how the Internet has dramatically excelled the possibilities of immediacy. You may find it interesting.

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