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University Preparation and the Performance of Labour

I’ve been considering the labour I commit to at University parallels the perils of Liquid Labour. The subject requires the interactivity with a live feed of content being generated constantly. I pay for the opportunity to work and engage with an institutional workforce, but it hums incessantly with the internet. How much I engage with the content outside of class will benefit me with higher marks, and there is much to engage with. There is an incentivised value in learning. How different is this to the work we commit to outside the employee work hours? Those hours are investments into your workplace, like an education. There are no longer incentives of higher pay to do more. You are taught at University, that to achieve and be promoted you have to go beyond what is expected.  You had to perform. But now you have to prove that behind the scenes you are rehearsing, over, and over. Prove that your performance is true to everyone on every communication platform. I understand Liquid Labour as an act of preparation.



  1. Great post, I like your image use which has a similar idea to my blog post in that of people performing work in a space that is not physical. A very interesting take on liquid labour :)

  2. geraldcicero says

    an interesting way to explain the content, it is true that we wont get much when we do extra hours of work, as we do extra hours at uni.

  3. A very different and creative approach to liquid labour! You’ve clearly drawn the parallel of uni to liquid labour but I think linking it further to technology and cyberspace would have really consolidated your argument!

  4. That is a damn good interpretation of the issue, I always only viewed it for acts that I get paid for, not that I am paying for. But with your argument in mind, not only am I paying to get something, I am told I have to work more and do extra if I want the most out of a thing. The “paying for opportunity” was a great way of putting it!

  5. A very unique take on liquid labour. I like that you have thought outside the square with your interpretation of the concept and applied it to something other than working from home. Top work.

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