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Kickstarter Boad Game Review: Hitman Holiday

This week I drew up the last designs for the board game layout. The other team members will have their own designs to present too. We’ll be deciding on the design next week. I want it to be less square and more round, and configure multiple paths onto the board. I’ve drawn a figure eight, a flower like structure, and a 3 ring board. Each circle in the designs are representative of time and ‘years’ at uni. I’m not sure how you will navigate between them yet.

Hitman Holiday places ten assassins in one resort, with only one task: be the “Number One Killer.” The developers, Medieval Lords, from Brisbane, Queensland, created the only successful board game (besides card games) funded on Kickstarter, in Australia. 212 backers pledged $19,606 to help bring Hitman Holiday to fruition, in March, 2015.

Why? Because Medieval lords effectively reduced the risk of investing for players on Kickstarter, and I’ll list how below.

  1. The theme is not culturally bound – except the majority of player models are Caucasian. This might reflect the promotion and ability to distribute within Europe, Canada and America. “The big 3” provided international support for the game.
  2. The word ‘hitman’ already has strong connotations on the gaming market, so besides people mistakenly associating this game with the ‘Hitman’ franchise, the title would have an advantage of SEO capabilities.
  3.  They gave the ability to print a free ‘demo’ version at home to test the mechanics. I’ve never encountered this offer on Kickstarter before, but I have downloaded it and intend on testing it in the future
  4. They knew how to network the game. They promoted it through popular board game reviewers online and had a dozen positive reviews already accompanying the Kickstarter. For myself, to see someone interact with the game firstly reduces the risk of my investment because I can see the finished product.
  5. An interesting note: All prices were displayed in USD rather than AUS. Medieval Lords recognised that a majority of their market was not from Australia.

Hitman Holiday used every method to convince players that the game would be fun and ready to ship if the Kickstarter is successful on Kickstarter.


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