BCM 112
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Digital Light Transformations

Before I created my video, I watched a series of videos that used digital lights to transform performances, bodies, and spaces. I was fascinated with how digital light could alter our form, and it reminded me of Leslie’s description of technology storming the human body, “subjecting the human sensorium to a complex training, and provoking a ‘crisis in perception'” (1998). This ‘crisis in perception’ is caused by digital light altering a form and space, a digital transformation that also occurs when we watch videos on devices. So my final video is a choreographed performance that recreates the process of watching a video, including the devices constraints, the lights, its portability, and the play button.

Clips used in the video:

Music: ‘sugar plum dumpling’ by idaydream


Leslie, E 1998, ‘Walter Benjamin: Traces of Craft’, Journal of Design History, 11:1, p 5-13.


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