DIGC 310
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I Hope I Don’t Draw A Procrastination Card

I’m betting on the Distinction grade, but a Credit seems realistic. I want the distinction, but I have a lot of things that will impact my timetable coming up, add a bad history with University, that might affect my input.

I aim to have a working prototype of my independent game for week 6. To reach that I’ll be working on it outside of class by designing the game board, and asking for feedback from the class and friends.

Additionally, I will be helping the group developing the game prototype Retail Despair, wherever I can, in particular themes and representation, to have a working prototype too. My experience working in retail compliments Brits experience and will balance the approach to framing the themes and objectives in the game.

For the group game presentation I will speak about the game project I am the most excited about. But I will also contribute media assets, including visual aids and audio commentary. I will write about the narrative structure, but I’m not good at writing clear ideas so I’ll avoid detailing the rules and gameplay. I will utilise my marketing knowledge from my major to construct the marketing and distribution plans, defining the target market, etc. but utilise that data to create a compelling presentation that will sell the game to investors and consumers. I’m not great at identifying and incorporating academic research into the process so I will depend on someone else who is capable of that.

How good am I at reflecting? Too good at it. So good that it becomes an issue. However, I’m not the best at documenting that process of reflection. I’ve tried in the past and I lose focus of the point after a week or two. However, I will utilise twitter to keep track of what I am doing as I have found that the visual twitter feed is influential in maintaining good habitual practice. I will also have to find a question structure to follow each week to effectively reflect on my process.

Lastly, incorporating everything I have learned in a week is a challenge for myself, and to think about the whole design process condensed into one document is intimidating. I will have to maintain a detailed log of everything I accomplish.

These, I believe, are the bare minimum requirements of receiving a credit. In order to receive a Distinction, I will have to challenge myself to incorporate and represent the academic readings from the class in my documentations and process.


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