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Dislike Club | A Radio Show

Dislike Club is a 20min story podcast examining new media through the lens of people who hate it, avoid it, or have stopped using it. If I could quit Facebook, I would’ve already, so I want to find others who share this dislike at University, and document their relationship with new media.

The podcast is inspired by Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything podcast mini-series of the same name.  It documented a group of people who never joined Facebook, but formed ‘The Dislike Club’, to come together to debate what they should do about the pressure of big social media sites invading their privacy.

Dislike Club will be a similar form to This American Life and 99% Invisible radio show’s narrative driven episodes, rather than a standard 2-4 person discussion panel. A host controls the focus of a topic and examines subjects and situations through interviews. It’s a produced story, rather than a live recording. I expect to produce a 20 min audio piece every 2 – 3 weeks. It’s ambitious, considering it is the first time I have created a podcast, but I will hopefully have peers who will collaborate with me, and make it their podcast too. It will be hard, but I don’t expect high quality, I expect only passion – and expect the same from me.

I would like you to join this digital artefact project for #DIGC112. If you’re interested in audio design, storytelling, journalism, or just want to help out – please send me an email: fenowik@gmail.com, tweet me @fenowik, or see me after the lecture.

Or you could:

Document this Podcast Startup

There is an opportunity for a video journalist to document our StartUp for their digital artefact. If you want to be involved in a group, but hate groups, than film us making Dislike Club podcast, and your project will work regardless of whether we succeed or not.


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