BCM 112
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We aren’t expected to be experts

BCM112: BUILDING 25.107 — It’s break time and the drone’s lights start flashing red. With a light finger press the drone rises to waist height; its four propellers whirl.

Who’s more excited: the students rushing for the bathroom to get back to watch, or the grinning academics huddling around the small drone?  The drone sways in the air, tilts left, and soars into the wall. Ted laughs. Ted Mitew is the lecturer for this cohort. He’s passionate about small robotics and values the practicality of wearing toed shoes. He, along with Chris and Travis, are revitalising the digital media course by providing the opportunity to use drones and 3D printers.

Drone fun at uow #UOW #wollongong #thegong #tech

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Ted’s drone flight was lacklustre, but it didn’t spoil my excitement. Just look at the glee on Ted’s face even though his fingers are too big for the phone controls.  We aren’t expected to be experts; we’re expected to test new technologies, and they’re not expected to always work – they’re only prototypes. Chris, a tutor for this course who stacks his office walls with Lego, encouraged me last year that my ambition to try something is what’s important. Be excited to collaborate with your cohort, not wait nervously outside for orders. Search, research, and communicate your findings through different mediums and experiment, experiment, experiment.

Next week: How to 3D Print: toed shoes


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