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Styling of hair has been a big thing in Poptropica for the past years. But as of yet the creation of a beard has not been a hit. Whether its pre-pubescent children just can’t manage to sprout a few hairs on the chin or 8 – 15 year olds can’t even get the option to customize those golden bearded curls.

This will all change due to the new product by Codien called ‘Spray on Beard’. A beard in a can, how remarkable, just point cans nozzle towards ones desired area and press down firmly. Instant beard.
A quality product tested by profound scientists, they all agree  it’s safe to use.

Here’s what a random tester thought, “The perfect thing i need for my Poptropican. It’s Great”.

By now you’re probably thinking:

Where can i find this product?

Unfortunately this product has not been shipped into the Poptropica Store yet which leaves supplies slightly small. I only managed to make 30 cans of this magic stuff and have decided to use it wisely by giving it to the public to try.

To get your very own beard you must write in the comments your idea of the wackiest beard. Only 30 of the best will be chosen. Remember to leave your email so i can respond to you.

There are only 30 beards to get so get spraying!
Contest closes December 3rd

[Contest Closed]


[UPDATE : 11/29]

The Contest has now been extended to the December 11th. Because of this extra time i managed to make 15 more cans.

Now we have 45 to give away!

[UPDATE : 12/12]

Contest has been closed with over 300 entries. Who will win? Find out in only 7 days!

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340 thoughts on “Spray on Beard

  1. the WaCkIeSt beard could be able to change its color to blue,green,even rainbow!It would be able to grapple poptropicans into itself and would be curly on the ends while sharp and prickly in the middle.The way it would change its color is by ctrl+shift+b b=beard like s=skin

    1. The wackiest beard would be one you could click and change, and cycle through 5 different kinds. One would be a plain beard, nothing special. The second would be a Santa-esque beard. Third would be a tangle of barbed-wire, and it would be shiny! Fourth would be a beard that grows out, then grows back in and disappears, then grows back out. And fifth would be a long beard that, at the bottom, curls up into a pigtail-ish shape.

    2. the wackiest beard shouldmove and keep changing its shape like from braides to mohawk but only when you click on it and it should glow in the dark when you want it to and mabey one could have eyes and a mouth that keeps moving and it talks to you when you select it on the card or something and have little poptropicans on it that jump every 12 seconds. colors it comes in:pink, red, grey, polka dot in random colors, yellow,and blue or the color of your hair.

  2. The wackiest beard would have glasses to watch tv and a microphone hidden that will go directly to your ears and the glasses would be able to watch tv every channel and give you a trim while you watch and would only have to think about the hairstyle and it would cut or you can use the glasses to make the beard longer.

  3. A beard that goes down to your waste and has jagged edges. it will be the same color as your hare and the ctrl shift h would change it. If i could get one it would be plain and simple….. but also made of medal and could grow arms!

  4. a really long wacky beard like the old-time ones curling up at the ends, and tendrils of it can stretch out and grab thinks for you, even if it’s like through a crack in a wall.

  5. You know, I’m a girl, yet I have a boy account. You could hide cheat sheets you stole from the teacher with it! or you could do all kinds of stuff that would fall under Zany Dolphin’s insanity.
    And you know what would be cool? If you have a house for your poptropican(s) and you could have friends visit or move in, like your own accounts could move in but they would be like NPCs while you aren’t on them, and their name would have to be “Undefined Offline” or something. and you can talk to your freind, and to your other accounts, but other accounts would say “No Thankyou” to games and the top one of the things which might be mean so don’t be offened

    1. If you want a beard then you have a chance to get one. Just write the wackiest beard idea and you could win out of 30 people chosen.

      1. codien thatas the last friday before my birthday when the contest ends maybe a …..B-DAY PRESENT ok here is my idea a beard that had a candy dispenser and by a click of a button it could turn into a mansion of hair

      2. hey sg and the wackiest beard is one that looks like the pop. blimp with green and grey colors and instead of a rope it is a ……. you know those helmet drink tube things well its like that but just one and on the inside is your choice of drink (the blimp could be any 2 colors i justwen with these colors)

      1. Codien,One question:are you telling us to leave are e-mail when we put in the response? or just to put it where it says E-MAIL

        SMAPLE OF AN EXAMPLE;the beard grows whenever you want it blahblahblah.sample.com


        which one is correct by what you mean

        please answer me by saying either FAIRYPMERMAID IT IS EXAMPLE OF SAMPLE.


        Codien: A Sample of an Example!
        The example is just a sample for the example of your answer.

        Place the email where it tells you, for example put it where it says E-Mail, this is just a sample

  6. Grow a really long bear that goes down to your chest and thn braid it. Braid it wit pipe cleaners in it so you can stick the braids horizontal across your face.

    O O

  7. a cool beard would be a beard that dropped to the floor and it at customizable options like you can have a regular one, a one with candy,etc.
    and so you can spray it any where and you get unlimited?

  8. best one would be sci-fantasy one in which beard knows what you want and respond with a thing you need in a *click!*

  9. the wakiest beard would be like a dualshock-3 wireless controller.u ccould press the arrow keys to change the colours plus if u press the x button a toast would come up.

  10. The wackiest beard would be a beard which is made of metal.A metal beard so big that it covers your whole face.If you want to go near a magnetic object,beware.(The metal beard is magnetic!)

  11. THE Weird and wackiest beard would be hmmmm now this is tricky oh yea there would be lot’s of little mini poptropican’s in the beard and when you just squezzed the beard all the mini poptropican’s would jump out with jet pack’s saying yippe

  12. The wackiest beard would be rainbow, with a big curly moustash and a long trail of different coloured paperclips hanging down to your feet! Plus, it would change colours as you move, but go back to rainbow when you stop. It would go yellow when happy, red when angry, blue when sad, and green when sick!

  13. The wackiest beard would be a beard with a built in iPhone (you press a button on the beard and the iPhone is the color of your beard) and it would have a DSi and a Laptop and all the game systems and a Ipod

    1. how about a beard that covers your whole body and shoots lazers and fly and gives you cake and has machine guns and atacks bad guys and gives you money and shoots fire and if you try to shave it off it atacks you

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